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Arugam Bay Surf Resort is located in the small fishing village of Arugam Bay, south of Pottuvil in the Ampara District. Set right on the beachfront, we’re only a few minutes walk away from the Arugam Bay Point, which is among the top 10 surf points in the world.

But, this is not all. At Arugambay Surf Resort, we ensure you don’t miss out on the fun.

Make sure you get up early to catch the sunrise over the sea. The sky is ablaze with shades of bright orange, yellow and red, making the area ever more picturesque.

Stroll along the beach, or take a dip in the waters when the sun goes down. Or, if you dare, get on your surfboard and pick the right wave.

Better still, the area is rich in wildlife. Drive into the wilderness of Kumana to see for yourself. If you are looking for more adventure, get on your jeep, fasten your seatbelt and make your way towards the sand dunes of Panama.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some peace and quiet, unwind at our beachside cabanas or sway in the breeze on the outdoor hammocks. Enjoy some music while you sip a cool drink in the afternoon sun. It’s all part of the experience.


Arugam Bay Surf Resort is managed and run by five brothers. The business traces its roots back to the 1970s and was started by their father.

Once a small fishing village, the young man had come to Arugam Bay, where he made a living by selling rotti to the weary fishermen, who would usually stop for a bite either on their way to the sea, or upon returning. As time went on, with this rotti gaining popularity among the tourists who came to visit the area, he put up a few cabanas for his fatigued travelers to rest.

Initially, the Surf Resort was called Arugambay Hilton. The name was coined by an Australian who had visited the place at one time and even helped its owner prepare dishes to suit the tastes and styles of its international visitors. The name was later changed to Arugambay Hillton and then to its current name Arugambay Surf Resort.

Later, the sons joined with their father helping him develop and improve the guesthouse. Since then, the guesthouse has evolved with time, introducing new services and facilities for guests and attracting more and more people.

Main Street, Arugam Bay
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